Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of pro-turnieje.pl

1. Introduction:

These Regulations set out the rules for the use of the website available at http://pro-turnieje.pl/ (hereinafter: the “Service”).

Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these Terms and conditions.

2. Services:

The Service offers users information on upcoming tournaments, results, statistics and other related content.

3. Terms of participation:

a. Participation in pro-turnieje.pl is open to Polish and foreign clubs and football academies.

b. Each participant is obliged to follow the rules of fair play and sports ethics.

4. Registration and fees:

a. Entries for participation are made via the pro-turnieje.pl online platform.

b. Tournament fees – if any – are set individually for each tournament and take into account the range of services provided.

5. Participant lists:

a. Quantitative team line-ups should be submitted before the closing date for entries.

b. Changes to the line-ups are permitted in accordance with the rules of the respective tournament.

6. Tournament organisation:

a. pro-turnieje.pl reserves the right to change the schedule and venues of the tournaments in justified cases.

b. All refereeing decisions are final and indisputable.

7. Prizes:

a. Prizes for winners and awarded teams depend on the specifics of the tournament and are outlined in the rules of the specific event.

8. Liability:

a. pro-turnieje.pl is not liable for any material damage, accidents or injuries to participants during the tournament.

9. Final provisions:

a. Each team is obliged to read and accept the tournament rules before participating.

b. pro-turnieje.pl reserves the right to interpret and amend the rules and regulations, of which participants will be informed in an appropriate manner.

The pro-turnieje.pl team wishes all participants a successful and exciting competition!